Help me study acupuncture in China!

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Exciting news!

From April 8-28, 2017, I will be studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Zhengzhou and Beijing, China! The Chinese healthcare system has effectively integrated TCM and Western Biomedicine in primary care settings, a process that has just begun here in the United States. As interest in integrative approaches to healing grows in the U.S. and healthcare costs increase, it is important to examine and experience alternative models to healthcare delivery.

Through lectures, clinical observation, and cultural immersion in Chinese TCM hospitals and herbal dispensaries, I will gain valuable experience and perspective that will build on my educational and clinical training and enrich my healing practice. I will learn about Chinese history and culture in context and receive incomparable education in public health — and am excited to share what I learn with patients and colleagues when I return!

Interested in learning more, and helping to support my educational experience? Here’s how!

  1. Watch this short video:

2. Visit my fundraising page to learn more about the trip and how to donate. 

3. Consider sharing widely with others you think may be interested in supporting my educational journey. Here is the link to my fundraising page:

Thank you, and be well!

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