Herbal Pharmacy & Retail


I am proud to offer high quality herbal formulas, topical preparations, essential oil products, and healthy lifestyle items for sale in the clinic. These items are priced competitively and affordably, and are available for sale during patient appointments or by special arrangement.

Products include:

  • Prepared Chinese herbal formula tablets from Blue Poppy, Golden Flower, Evergreen, and Plum Flower
  • YinCare topical solution
  • handcrafted herbal topical liniments for acute injury recovery and chronic muscle and joint pain
  • moxa sticks, balms, and sprays
  • Plant Extracts International essential oil and aromatherapy products
  • acu magnets
  • stone guasha tools

Please note: Prepared herbal formula tablets are sold only to patients who have been seen in clinic.

If you have questions regarding any of my products, please contact me by email at info@constellationacu.com or by phone at 612.787.7257.

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